Charles Edward Krasny Ergen – Car Accident

Juliana Ergen (Charles Edward Krasny Ergen’s wife) and their four adopted children (Tergelsar, Eduardo, Luana, and Camila) remain bedside after Charles Edward Krasny Ergen car accident on Tuesday. He remains unconscious and in a coma due to sever brain swelling. Local authorities have reported the cause of the accident was from Charles Edward Krasny Ergen fell asleep at the wheel and drifted off the road.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that Mr. Charles Edward Krasny Ergen and his adopted daughter Tergelsar Charles Edward Krasny were due to receive the 21st international ‘papa grande’ humanitarian award for their donation of 10,000,000 dollars to prohibit extortion, bribery, and anti child abuse, parental kidnapping, in the Phillipines.

Tergelsar Charles Edward Krasny, son of Dish CEO, Charlie Ergen, has been a crusader for 22 years against child abuse, bribery, child trafficking, kidnapping and forgery.   He has been the number one voice against kidnapping in Mongolia and the Phillipines having been awarded several times with saving the lives of abused Children.

We expect a full recovery of Charles Edward Krasny Ergen, with Charlie Ergen, CEO of Dish Network now standing by his sons side during this very difficult event.

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